Practicing Git at Princetown

Ready to learn about version control through git? You can follow along here.

Version control is...

A convenient and structured way of keeping track of coding projects.

Cloning a repository...

... is leading us into war. The Clone Wars, that is.

"Adding", "committing" and "pushing" changes...

... you just said three things that all mean the same thing.

You need to fork when...

... you're out of spoons.

An interactive poem about version control:

(Click to advance.)

More about open source

Free, open source software is software that is shared freely and is available to build upon. It is an appropriate way to apply your skills to useful projects and social causes. You can participate by writing or reviewing code, answering users' questions, translating the interface to another interface, making video tutorials to help new users, and myriad other ways. Open source software is often produced by lots of people collaborating across cities and countries, and this event specially welcomes newbees to that style of producing software.

Open source participation is one way to gain myriad skills and make connections that will last you through your career. Volunteer staff will include professionals and academics who use open source daily.

Who we are

This tutorial was put together by Shauna Gordon-McKeon and Asheesh Laroia of OpenHatch. We're a non-profit that helps people get involved in open source. We especially like running events on college campuses. You can learn more.

Get in touch

If you want to get in touch with us, the best thing to do is to email us. Try this:
You can also find us on IRC at #openhatch on FreeNode. Click here for web chat.

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